• STOP Foreclosures
  • STOP Garnishments
  • STOP Lawsuits
  • STOP Judgments

Types of

  • Chapter 7 - Liquidation
  • Chapter 11 - Reorganization
  • Chapter 13 - Adjustment of Debts of an Individual with Regular Income

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"Thank you so much Bruce for guiding us through the process and making us feel Ok at our decision. We never felt judge intimidated or made to feel guilty.

Good luck in the New Year for all of you at your firm."


"We have been very satisfied with the decision we made to file Bankruptcy. We were made aware by our attorney of all our option and we feel that we made the best possible choice."


"Bruce Barnhart has been totally informative to all proceedings necessary for the duration and completion of my bankruptcy. I am totally satisfied and would recommend the Barnhart Law to friends, family and any other individuals who would require information or contact numbers for a dependable law firm."


"Your firm has satisfied all my needs and questions beyond my expectations. I thank you and your firm for everything and all the hard work put into my case."


"My wife and I are very thankful to have found a firm to explain all procedures involved. All aspects concerned were explained thoroughly and professionally. Our concerns have been lessened."


"I want to first thank you for our initial meeting and making me feel like there was a light at the end of the tunnel by dispelling our fear and embarrassment of being 'bankrupt'. When in consultation, Mr. Barnhart listened to us first, then advocated a strategy. This was very important. As a client, we are pleased that we remain in our home and the relief (we received) of constant phone calls. I believe this would not have happened if not for his professional focus. Bruce's humor and candor in the midst of the stress of the process allowed us to feel optimism for fighting a good fight. Importantly, he always treated us well and as an asset in this effort to overcome the challenges. Above all, though my case may be very small in comparison to others, our gratitude, I hope you will accept as being equal to none."


"Yes we are extremely satisfied and happy with the representation we have had thus far. We honestly felt that we would be just another number coming to such a law firm. But we have been treated with nothing but respect and attention."


"We have been very happy with the way things were explained to us. Made our decision very easy."


"Everyone has been very friendly, helpful and compassionate, and has made out bankruptcy experience manageable."


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